Drafting Licenses and Agreements can cause headaches for businesses of all sizes. At Trade Consulting Services, we use our knowledge and expertise to help businesses save time when it comes to identifying the correct license needed for their export and drafting the necessary documents to submit to the U.S. government.

Our dedicated team can provide support with EAR and ITAR licensing, including BIS export licenses, DSP-5 Permanent Export License, DSP-73 Temporary Export License, Technical Assistance Agreement to engage in technical discussions and provide a defense service, or Manufacturing License Agreement to transfer manufacturing know-how. 

By working with us you can have total confidence that all your License and Agreement needs are being met; allowing you to focus on the day-to-day running of your business.

We can provide outsourced support on a permanent or temporary basis and help you:

  • Determine whether a license is required or if a license exception/exemption can be used;
  • If your products are under the jurisdiction of the EAR, we can draft and submit the license on your behalf.
  • If your products are under the jurisdiction of the ITAR, we can draft and work with your Empowered Official to submit your license or agreement.
  • Save time and money in having to navigate the import/export regulations on your own;

To find out more about how our License and Agreement services can improve the operational mechanics of your business, call us on 214-810-0204 or email [email protected].

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