The requirements within the ever-changing world of export and import compliance can be daunting to say the least and the penalties for non-compliance are often severe. As a seasoned professional with many years of experience in the import/export industry, I know how difficult it can be to meet the stringent criterion and I can help you by offering compliance guidance and direction that meets all your needs. I can also provide a broad spectrum of expertise including experience with the ITAR and EAR, in addition to expertise in Custom’s Regulations.

In support of reaching these regulations and procedures, TCS offers the following:

  • Assistance with virtually all export and import compliance needs
  • Implementing a Trade Compliance Program
  • Interpreting regulations
  • Identifying areas for improvement in policies and procedures
  • Determining the jurisdiction of a product
  • Assistance with Export Classification (USML, ECCN, HTSUS, and Schedule B)
  • Drafting Licenses and Agreements
  • Providing Customized Training
  • Assisting with Voluntary Disclosures

TCS has been built on two cornerstones: effectiveness and efficiency. As the founder of a company with high integrity, I treat my clients with the utmost of respect and courtesy, which means I never try to sell compliance features that do not fit your business, but instead, I suggest exactly what is required. To my way of thinking, a compliance program is only as good as the protection it offers and so I make sure it prevents or detects violations relative to regulations.

Whether you are a small company that is just beginning or one with established and larger interests, if you have compliance needs, I can provide the solutions that will help maximize and improve on your compliance infrastructure. I am available to support you in the development or improvement of your import/export compliance, so if you have any questions or require my services, please feel free to contact me so that I can help you with any of your compliance needs. Give me one moment of your time and I’ll give you years of efficiency, know-how and expertise.

Cesar Reyna

Trade Regulations

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